Special Counseling Room for Gender and Sexuality (AY 2016)

Tuesday,April 5,2016



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Any Concern on Gender, Sexuality or Sex is Welcome!!

Recently, a clinical psychologist specializing in issues related to gender and sexuality has been engaged to join the Human Rights Counseling team as a special advisor, as well as to advise at the Counseling Center at ICU.

As a special advisor, she is available to counsel those seeking advice and those who are troubled by problems related to gender or sexuality. She is also available to speak with anyone seeking information about support systems and medical and psychological counseling services both on and off campus. If there is something that you feel like you can't tell your friends, academic advisor or teachers, but you need someone to talk to, please feel free to make an appointment to speak with her. If it is necessary for you to also speak with a Human Rights Counselor and/or a counselor from the Counseling Center to seek assistance, she can help you with that, too. Advising is free of charge. If you have a problem that's been worrying you, no matter how small, please come and talk with her about it.

Every Tuesday, 11a.m. - 5p.m.

ERB-1, Room 318

Counseling services are available to...
ICU students (undergraduate and graduate students, kenkyuusei, OYRs) and all ICU staff

How to make an appointment
Send an email to: gscounseling@icu.ac.jp 
Address emails to Yoshimi Takada (special counselor) and Yuji Kato (CGS)

l Please include your name, contact information, and the date and time you'd like to make an appointment for. There is a possibility that your desired date/time may already be filled, so please provide several options.

l Each session may last up to 50 minutes per person.

l Even if you have not made an appointment, if there is an opening, it may be possible to meet with the counselor on the same day.

l Please do not try to ask for advice directly by email to this address; advice may only be requested through face-to-face appointments.

Counseling is available in
Japanese and English

Examples of topics needing advising
Discrimination and harassment related to gender and sexuality
Coming Out and associated issues
Sexual health
Pregnancy, birth and childcare issues
Issues regarding femininity and masculinity

In order to protect your privacy, consultations will be kept confidential. Counselors will seek your permission in advance if it seems appropriate to report the case to other Human Rights Advisors or to discuss it at a Human Rights Advisors' meeting. Moreover, advisors will take the utmost care not to cause you any disadvantage from your having discussed your problems with them.

Special Advisor Profile
Yoshimi Takada
ICU CLA'85. Graduate from New York University, School of Education, Health Study, Human Sexuality Program (MA). Specialized in psychological support for LGBT persons and their friends and family. She is also a member of ICU Church.

A Message from Ms. Takada
If you're having problems with something now, or there's something that's been troubling you for many years, or even if you just want to talk briefly, I'm here to listen. Please feel free to contact me any time.

The Special Counseling Center for Gender and Sexuality is run with the support of the Center for Gender Studies. If you are considering asking advice but aren't sure, please contact the Center for Gender Studies.

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