[21st October 2015 Update] LGBT in ICU Student Guidebook (Transgender/GID Edition)

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About This Guide
The "LGBT in ICU Student Guidebook" was created to provide support to LGBT *1 students attending ICU in order for them to obtain a better learning environment. The editing and publication of the guidebook are performed by CGS (Center for Gender Studies).

The guide contains information about institutional support, based on how actual cases were handled at ICU in the past. It also includes examples pertaining to students at unease with their gender, such as transgender or GID*2 students, as well as information useful for life at the university.

The information listed in this guide reflects the measures that can be taken at ICU at present, and may not fit each individual's needs or expectations. CGS will continue its work to create a more comfortable environment for students, and as such, we will periodically update and expand this guide to respond to a wide variety of gender and sexuality-related needs.

*1 LGBT An acronym formed by taking the first letters of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. In recent years, it has come into use as a general term to refer to sexual minorities. There are two major reasons why the term LGBT was used in the series title for this guide. One reason is that we wanted to include a word that clearly indicated "transgender," the main topic of this guide. The second is because we are planning on releasing a second guide in the future that focuses on genders and sexualities besides transgender/GID, and so we wanted a title that would anticipate that. Sexual minorities are not limited to the four categories represented in the term LGBT, nor are problems related to gender and sexuality restricted to minorities alone. In the future, we are considering updating the series title as we release a variety of guides.
*2 GID
A medical term formed by taking the first letters of Gender Identity Disorder. In recent years, there has been a movement advocating the use of the concept "gender dysphoria."

About This Guide
Changing Name and/or Gender in the Registrar
Gender Field in Documents Issued by the University
Physical Education (PE) Requirements and Classes
Annual Health Examinations for Students and Individual Exams
Study Abroad
University Event:Retreat
University Event: Fuwa Café (Casual Cafe)
About Unisex/Multipurpose Bathrooms
Special Advisor for Gender and Sexuality
Inquiries about this Guidebook

2015.10.21. Revised Items - The system and department in charge of "Changing Name and/or Gender in the Registrar" has been changed - Added information about gender-neutral changing room under "Physical Education" section - "Study Abroad" was added as a new section

Changing Name and/or Gender in the Registrar
Since 2003, it has been made possible at ICU for a student who experiences gender dysphoria to change their name and/or gender in the Student Registrar. Initially, this was treated as a human rights issue and handled by the Human Rights Committee, but as of 2015, it is now treated as a regular student issue and handled by the Student Affairs Group.
Changing the Registrar requires an individual interview with the Director of Student Services. At present, a medical certificate issued by a doctor is required to change your name and/or gender on the Registrar, but there is a possibility that a certificate stating "diagnosis pending" will also be accepted.
Please contact the Student Services Division for details about the consultation/changing process of the Student Registrar. Additionally, even if you do not request a change in the Student Registrar, you can still receive the various kinds of individualized support detailed in this guide. For more information, please contact the Student Services Division or other divisions in charge.

Registry Change Options:
*Gender change only (ex. female -> male, male -> female)
*Name change only (ex. Kokusai Hanako -> Kokusai Taro, Kokusai Taro -> Kokusai Hanako)
*Both gender and name change

Process (Outline):
* Contact Student Services Division, decide date for individual interview
* Interview with Director of Student Services, decide on desired course of action
* If change in the Registrar is desired, the request is presented to the Senate and decided upon
* After approval from the Senate, the Registrar can be changed
* Results of the decision will be relayed to the student through the Director of Student Services

Contact: Student Aairs Group/Student Services Division Location: Administration Building, Room 125 Tel: 0422-33-3065 e-mail: sa-office atmark icu.ac.jp Website: http://web.icu.ac.jp/sag/

Reference Information: Human Rights Committee Website Website: http://subsite.icu.ac.jp/humanrights/ If you access the website above, there is a link to "Basic Process in Consultation and Measures for Students with Gender Identity Disorder," where you can see the general flow of the consultation process.

Gender Field in Documents Issued by the University

Forms with no Gender Field
There is no gender field listed on the following certificates issued by ICU:

・Prospective Graduation
・Prospective Teacher Certificate
・Survey Form (for entrance into the Graduate School)
・Past Enrollment
・Teacher Certificate Program
・Curatorial Training Program
・Re: Course Credits (only for graduate students entered in or before AY2009 to the doctoral course)

Forms in Which a Portion Have a Gender Field
In exceptional cases, a gender field may be listed on the following certificates:

For current students, there is no gender field listed on English, Japanese, automatic, or typed transcripts. For alumni with an ID number prior to ID76 (before registry information was digitalized), there is a gender field on English typed transcripts. For more details, please contact the Educational Affairs Group in the Academic Affairs Division.

Forms that have a Gender Field
In principle, the following forms have a gender field listed.

・Medical Certificate
There is a gender field listed on standard size medical certificates printed with the automated certificate-issuing machine. However, there is a possibility for consultation with medical certificates created upon meeting with a university physician at the ICU Health Care Office. For more details, please contact the ICU Health Care Office.

Inquiries in Regards to Academic Certificates: Educational Affairs Group  Location: Honbuto (Administration Building) 125 Tel: 0422-33-3055  Website: http://ehandbook.icu.ac.jp/Public/jp/documents/02_3.html Inquiries in Regards to Medical Certificates: ICU Health Care Office  Location: Honkan (University Hall) 310 Tel: 0422-33-3119 / 3120  Website: ICU Portal > Contents > ICU Health Care Office for Students

Physical Education Courses, Changing Rooms
Upon registering for physical education courses at ICU's Department of Health and Physical Education (PE), the PE office will act as a service window, where the person in charge can respond to individual cases following an interview. You can consult them about required courses (Basic I, II: classes separated by men and women), in addition to elective courses. Also, in response to the different physical/mental conditions of students, they have prepared a course called "Adapted Physical Education", in order to allow students to participate in physical activity while responding to their individual needs.
In the PE Central Locker Building, there are separate changing rooms (including shower rooms) for men and women. Since 2015, they have permanently established a new, gender-neutral changing room (not including a shower room) for individual use. The changing room can be locked from the inside, and may be used freely without having to register. There is no locker inside the individual use changing room, but the office or faculty in charge can hold onto any possessions for you, so please consult the PE office in that case. You can also consult the office if you have any other questions about using the facility.

Address all inquiries to: Department of Health and Physical Education  Location: PE Office, PE Central Locker Building Tel: 0422-33-3295  Website: http://subsite.icu.ac.jp/pe/

Periodic Student Health Check-ups and Requesting a Private Exam

During the annual student health examination, students are divided by both gender and school year. The X-ray portion of the exam requires that all students change in the same room, with no privacy barriers.

A private health examination is possible should a student make a request to the ICU Health Care Office. Students are advised to make requests in advance, as the ICU Health Care Office is unable to provide private exams on the same day as requested.

Address all inquiries to: ICU Health Care Office  Location: Honkan (University Hall) 310  Tel: 0422-33-3119 / 3120  Website: ICU Portal > Contents > ICU Health Care Office for Students

Study Abroad
At the International Office, we support each student by requesting partner universities to provide us with necessary information on available living environments and educational support. Although the situation varies among each partner university, there are transgender students who have studied abroad. If anyone wishes to receive support from the International Office, please come to our office and consult with us.

Contact: International Office
Location: Honbuto (Administration Building) 125
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-12:00, 13:00-16:30
Website: http://subsite.icu.ac.jp/ieeo/index_e.html

University Event: Retreat

The lodgings during the annual New Student Retreat held in mid-May are divided into female and male floors, in addition to which students sleep in shared rooms (two students to a room). For gender-questioning students or students with certain physical conditions, it is possible to discuss the room or floor placement. Please contact the Student Affairs Group for more details.

Address all inquiries to: Student Affairs Group  Location: Honbuto (Administration Building) 125  Tel: 0422-33-30645 e-mail: sa-office@icu.ac.jp  Website: http://web.icu.ac.jp/sag/

University Event: Fuwa Cafe (Casual cafe)

"I might be attracted to people of the same sex."
"I might be attracted to both men and women."
"I have no interest in romance."
"I have a woman's body, but I want to be seen as a man."
"I have a man's body, but I want to be seen as a woman."
"I don't want others to judge me based on my gender."
"I don't want to put a label on my sexual identity."

...or, you may have something similar on your mind that you want to talk about. If so, why not talk about it and other gender and sexuality-related issues in a casual setting?
"Fuwa Café" is a talk/café event periodically held by CGS. Participation is free, and no reservation is required. We eagerly await your participation with beverages and snacks at the ready.

Address all inquiries to: Center for Gender Studies (CGS)  *Contact details at the end of the guide

About Unisex/Multipurpose Bathrooms

At present, most bathrooms on campus are separated into female and male toilets, however, some buildings are equipped with a larger unisex/multipurpose bathroom. Handicapped persons, persons accompanied by children or infants, and those who require a unisex bathroom may use them freely.

* Depending on the building, some women's/men's bathrooms have a larger, private stall inside. They are not shown here, as this map only presents the location of bathrooms that may be used by anyone, regardless of gender.


Location of the Unisex/Multipurpose Toilets
1. Honkan (University Hall) 1st Floor (east side)

2. Othmer Topp Library 1st Floor (between the women's and men's toilets)

3. ERB-II 1st Floor Central Area (inside the Research Center for Japanese Language Education)

4. PE Central Locker Building 1st Floor (in the hallway going towards the gymnasium)

5. ICU Chapel 1st Floor (south side)

6. Dialogue House Cafeteria 1st Floor (near the east stairwell)
(This bathroom is also equipped with a diaper changing table and a toilet for ostomates)

7. Honbuto (Administration Building) 1st Floor Central Area (next to the Security Office)
(This bathroom is also equipped with a toilet for ostomates)

8. Alumni House 1st Floor (next to the kitchen)

9. Global House 1st Floor (in front of room 102, only for dormitory students)
Zelkova House 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors (near the kitchen lounge, only for dormitory students)
Ginko House 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors (near the kitchen lounge, only for dormitory students)
Oak House 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors (near the kitchen lounge, only for dormitory students)

10. High School W Building 3rd Floor (near the elevator)
High School Gymnasium 1st Floor (between the women's and men's toilets)

Address all inquiries to: Property Custodian & Purchasing Group
 Location: Honbuto (Administration Building) 208F
 Tel: 0422-33-3031

Special Advisor for Gender and Sexuality

Discrimination or harassment based on gender or sexuality
Coming out
Sexual health
Pregnancy, birth and childcare issues
Issues regarding femininity and masculinity
Anything else in addition to these

It is possible to consult the special advisor about issues or problems regarding gender and sexuality, receive advice, or obtain information about support facilities located on and off campus (doctors, counselors, or specialized institutions). You can also talk to the advisor about things that are difficult to discuss with friends or other faculty. If necessary, the advisor can also put you in touch with a Human Rights Advisor or a counseling center. Consultation is free of charge. Please feel free to use this service if you have something on your mind.
In order to protect user privacy, the consultation process is performed in complete confidentiality. For cases where it is necessary to contact or consult other divisions or faculty members in order to solve an issue, the user's consent is obtained in advance. Furthermore, every consideration is made as to not put the user at a disadvantage for having consulted about the issue.

Counseling is available in English and Japanese.

Special Advisor Profile: Yoshimi Takada
ICU CLA'85. Graduate from New York University, School of Education, Health Study, Human Sexuality Program (MA). Specialized in psychological support for LGBT persons and their friends and family. She is also a member of ICU Church.

Message from Yoshimi-san
If you are experiencing a problem with something right now, or there is something that has been troubling you for a long time, or even if you just want to ask a simple question, I am here to listen. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Address all inquiries to: Special Advisor for Gender and Sexuality
Email adress: gscounseling @ icu.ac.jp (Special Advisor: Yoshimi Takada, CGS: Yuji Kato)
We cannot perform counseling through this e-mail address.
Counseling services are available to:
ICU students (undergraduate and graduate) and faculty/staff (including any employment type).
Anyone is welcome to use this service, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or personal gender/sexuality.

Questions or Comments on this Guidebook

Questions, concerns, or comments regarding this guidebook should be directed to the Center for Gender Studies (CGS).

The CGS primarily conducts the following activities:
*Organizing and holding lectures, symposiums, international workshops, and other events on campus
*Publishing of a newsletter and journal
*Providing a communication space, in which books and AV materials are stored and may be borrowed, and in which our study group holds meetings
*Lending support to the Gender and Sexuality Studies (pGSS) major in the Arts and Sciences Division within the College of Liberal Arts at ICU

The CGS does not have any professional counselors permanently on staff, thus we do not provide counseling or examinations. If you have small problems or worries in your student life, however, our staff will try their best to provide a listening ear. We are willing to listen to even the smallest issues, even ones that you might feel are not worth talking to someone about. Depending on your needs, we can also provide support in terms of university life, share information, or connect you to specialized institutions or divisions on and off campus. Of course, we can also introduce you to the Special Advisor for Gender and Sexuality, who comes to ICU every Tuesday.

In addition, CGS's communication space is used by a large number of students. The space can be used for having tea, utilizing the library, or asking advice. Please feel free to drop by in between classes or during lunchtime.

International Christian University Center Gender for Studies (CGS) Location: ERB-I 301 Open: 11:00 - 17:00 (Monday through Friday) Tel/Fax: 0422-33-3448 e-mail: cgs @ icu.ac.jp *This is the main email address. Replies may come from a different email address. Website: http://subsite.icu.ac.jp/cgs/ Twitter ID: icu_cgs Facebook Page: icu.cgs

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