Wednesday,January 8,2020

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Center for Gender Studies (CGS) always welcomes students who have questions about the Gender and Sexuality Major (pGSS).

Besides such usual opportunities, we are arranging a special café session about pGSS this term!

“What’s the gender and sexuality major? What kind of major is it?”

“What kind of courses does pGSS offer?”

“I’m gonna write an essay on gender, but what kind of books or articles should I refer to?”

We welcome all students who are interested in gender and sexuality studies. You don’t have to be a pGSS major student or have taken any course on gender to join. If you are interested, please drop by!

Date & Time:Wednesday, 22 January, 2020, 13:00-15:00

⭐With beverages and snacks prepared, we will be waiting for you! You can also bring you own lunch.

Venue:Center for Gender Studies(CGS)

⭐ERB-I 301: a room located on the 3rd floor, right in front of the elevator.

Contact:Yuki Hanyu, CGS RIA;p002153i⭐ “⭐” into “@.”)

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