Announcement: 12th Issue of CGS Journal, "Gender and Sexuality"


"Gender and Sexuality 12" can be downloaded as a PDF file from the link listed below.
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Invited papers: 2015 CGS Symposium
"Fairy Tales, Their Legacy and Transformation: Gender, Sexuality and Comparative Literature"

"Special Contribution" Column
Etsuko KATO

Wolves and Witches: Sexual Outcasts in Angela Carter's Fairy Tales
Natsumi IKOMA

Foot-Loose and Fancy-Free: Song and Dance as Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Shakespeare's Fairy Plays
Christopher SIMONS

Konoike Tomoko's Wolf Girls in the Woods: Contemporary Japanese Fairy-Tale Adaptations in Conversation with the West
Mayako MURAI

Research Papers

Oh Woman, Where Art Thou? Rethinking Yoshiya Nobuko's Short Story Onibi (1951) from a Feminist Perspective

Between (wo)men: The bisexual triangular relationship and its 'heterosocial bond' in Hitomi Kanehara's Hoshi e ochiru [Falling into stars]
Ryunosuke OOKI

Queers Being Included: A Study on Taiwan's Conscription Policy

The Genealogy of Gender Performativity in J. Butler

AY2015 Rainbow Award for Gender Sexuality Studies (RAGSS) Recipient

Various Phases of BL/Yaoi Critique in Japan (Abstract)

CGS Events Reports

Report: Talk session
Let's Talk about Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting on Campus! #5

CGS Activity Reports and Schedule

The 25st-26th Meetings of the Tama Gender Education Net
AY 2016 CGS Activity Report
AY 2017 CGS Activity Schedule


Author Profiles
Regular Members of the Center for Gender Studies
Journal Regulations for Vol. 13
Postscript from the Editor


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