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Friday,September 3,2021


A Virtual Space for Academic Support

We hope you have had a good start to the new term!

Due to the 'Declaration of a State of Emergency,' we have decided to temporarily close CGS. Hopefully, we will gradually open the Center in the following weeks. In the meanwhile, we have decided to open CGS chat room this term too.

This is a virtual space where our Assistant Professor Letizia will answer questions and chat with you live every Tuesday from 14:00 to 16:00.

If you want to chat on a different day, please make an appointment by sending an email to Letizia (

You can also use this space to leave comments or questions throughout the week. CGS's Research Institutes Assistants YC Hung, Atsuyoshi Kuzuhara, Shunichiro Oka and Chihiro Wada will join us too when available and offer additional advice and support.

Let's make this a virtual space of academic support in which we can chat about issues concerning online learning, academic life, and gender and sexuality studies!

Ground Rules

Both English and Japanese are OK.

Let’s give everyone a chance to participate and let’s not monopolize the conversation.

Privacy, please! If you want to share about this space with others, please do NOT mention any names or other personal information.

Let’s respect each other’s differences: the people who have joined this chat all have different values (in terms of love, sexuality, gender, etc.). We are not here to judge anyone.

You can share, comment and ask questions, but we cannot always answer immediately. Please be patient. Also, no one is forced to answer a question they don’t want to.

Use this space for sharing, and interacting, and let’s focus on issues related to gender and sexuality studies and online learning.

Please also keep in mind that CGS staff does not provide any kind of counseling service. For counseling, please refer to ICU’s counseling website:

To join: Look for CGS Online Chat Room or email Letizia ( and you will be added to the chat room.

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