Seminar: Is "Japan" "queer"?

Wednesday,January 24,2018



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Seminar: Is "Japan" "queer"?

Event abstract:
Is "Japan" "queer"? What does "Japan" signify in this question? And how does it affect the creation of meaning about other regions outside of "Japan"? On the other hand, does the term "queer" still carries negative connotations? The term "queer" distanced itself from its originally negative meaning, and has been re-signified into a more positive term, but what does it signify then? This talk attempts to re-contextualize Queer Studies in Japan since the 1990s, and to revisit the question of the image of the other that is produced in relation to gender and sexuality. In order to do so, we take a look at the attempt to transform hentai into something positive, as well as reflect on the tense relationships between national and ethnic borders within the discourse of Japan's gender and sexuality.

KAWASAKA, Kazuyoshi
(Part-time lecturer at Chuo University, Queer Studies, Cultural Studies)

SHINGAE, Akitomo
(Assistant Professor, Graduate School for Creative Cities, Osaka City University)

ISERI, Makiko
(Research Institute Assistant, Center for Gender Studies)

Date and Time
February 11th, 2018 (Sunday)
Opens at 13:30 and there will be breaks during the session

Dialogue House, International Conference Room, 2nd Floor


No entrance fee, no reservation needed

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