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Monday,May 14,2018

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CGS (Center for Gender Studies, International Christian University) was established in April 2004 as an alternative communication space open to all persons with an interest in gender and sexuality research.

Over the past ten plus years, CGS has held countless events that cross the borders between academia and activism. Many people interested in the various issues surrounding gender and sexuality have gathered here, regardless of their affiliation with the university, creating and expanding ties among a wide range of people.

With that said, CGS is proud to announce we will host the 4th annual alumni reunion, dubbed “Rainbow Reunion,” on this coming June 2nd (Sat) at Alumni House in ICU.

For those who learned about gender and sexuality while studying at ICU, and for those who were not able to…

For those who have someone close by to talk about sexuality, the body, identity, etc., and for those who do not…

For those who attended CGS events frequently, and for those who will attend for the first time…

We hope this event will become a space where new ties are created, where we can casually discuss what has transpired until now and what is happening at present.

We look forward to your participation in this event!

● Date: June 2, 2018 (Sat) 13:00-16:00

● Venue: Alumni House 2nd Floor Lounge (ICU campus, 3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo)

● Attendance Fee: Students ¥500, Non-Students ¥1,000~ (Please pay what you can afford)

※ The attendance fee will be distributed towards food, drinks, and venue costs. Any leftover money will be donated towards funding the “Gender and Sexuality Rainbow Award,” presented to superlative undergraduate theses in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

※ Admission is free for elementary school students and younger.

● Participation is open to those who have studied or worked at ICU (university or high school), have attended CGS events, or have an interest in gender and sexuality (first-timers are also welcome).

● Registration: It is possible to participate without registering, but we would like to know the approximate number of participants in advance, so please inform us of your attendance by May 21st (Mon) at the following e-mail address:

(please convert "☆" into "@" )

● Miscellaneous:
・There is a universal restroom on the 1st floor of Alumni House. You can access the 2nd floor by using an elevator.

・Coming or leaving midway through the event is OK. Participate at your convenience.

・There is no dress code. Come in your preferred attire.

・You are free to take pictures of the event, but please protect the privacy of the other participants.

・Children are welcome to join (there is no daycare on campus).

・Details about the event, changes, or cancellations due to weather will be announced at the following:

 Facebook (

 Twitter (@icu_cgs)

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