Feminist/Queer Art Reading Group

Monday,January 9,2023


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CGS is going to hold feminist/queer art reading group meetings where we read and discuss feminist/queer art works.
Are you interested in what feminist/queer art is or discussing art works with peers? We'll be waiting for you!

1/11 (Wed) 12:40-13:50 (Lunch time)
1/25 (Wed) 12:40-13:50
2/8 (Wed) 12:40-13:50
2/22 (Wed) 12:40-13:50

Venue:CGS (ERB 301)

Coordinators:Fumina Hamasaki (CGS Assistant Professor), Shunichiro Oka (CGS RIA)

We're very much looking forward to meeting/seeing you there!

Inquiry: fumina.hamasaki@icu.ac.jp

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