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Friday,January 24,2020

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AY2019 FD Seminar
What Is Diversity Really? Society as Seen from Inclusive Places

Overview: What is the true meaning of "diversity,” although frequently said in our surrounding world? Even if you know it in words, much remains unknown in terms of its substance and significance, unless you have the experience about it in reality. As a designer and researcher, Laila Cassim has dedicated herself to “Diverse Art practice projects” and “Inclusive Design Workshop” that connect artists and designers in the community to people with disabilities, their carers, families and who socially marginalized, whom we may rarely have a chance to meet in everyday life. Art Director Laila Cassim speaks about diversity in design, based on case studies.

Date:2020.2.7. Fri. 12:45-13:45
Venue:Administration building 206
Supported by Center for Gender Studies(CGS)
Language: English
*Everyone is welcome to attend this seminar.

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