Newsletter 019 Available Now!


The nineteenth issue of the CGS Newsletter is now available both in print and online. Click the URL to download the PDF version.

CGS Newsletter 019 (PDF, 2.4MB)

We have been issuing Newsletter since the time center opened in 2004 to promote our activities as well as to offer a platform for those involved to express their views and opinions. Now, we feel the initial purposes of Newsletter have been achieved, and in consideration of environmentally friendly ways, we decided to discontinue the issuing of Newsletter. We all immensely appreciate your support for such a long time. From next academic year, we will advertise and promote our activities through SNS and website. We are looking forward to meeting you there, and at the center. Thank you for your understanding.

Contents of the CGS Newsletter 019

Human Rights Issues on Campus at ICU
Natsumi IKOMA
CGS Director

Round-Table Discussion: ICU's Support for Parents and Caregivers
Compiler: Yuji KATO

Sumire Project: Is Dating Violence Really Just Someone Else's Problem?
CGS staff member

What Makes a Healthy Relationship?
ICU graduate (2016)

Organizing the Lecture "Wel-coming Out!! How Family and Friends Can Help"
ICU undergraduate student

Do Numbers Lie? Reading Statistics on Sexual and Gender Minorities
PhD student, Department of Sociology, University of Washington; ICU graduate (2013)

No, ICU is Not Truly LGBT-friendly! Why We Created the Gender, Sexuality, and Campus Life Series
CGS staff member

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