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The first issue of the CGS newsletter has been published on April 1. You can read abstracts of many articles in newsletter and full-texts on the webpage. First newsletter features the profiles about twenty CGS staff members who are interested in Gender Studies from various academic fields. There are also many articles about Japanese law, ordinance, trial and TV drama from the perspectives of Gender Studies.

We plan to publish newsletters biannually. Your comments and reactions will be welcome.

Table of Contents

Greetings from CGS Tanaka, Kazuko Director of the Center for Gender Studies

Feature: We are CGS Member

News from CGS

Katharine Moon, Ph.D visited ICU s073837: David Jeffries
Living with GID: Lecture by Kamikawa, Aya h061202: Kawasaka, Kazuyoshi
Gender Equal Ordinance in Mitaka City h031313: Nitta, Yuko
Gender Studies Program @ ICU from AY2005 Languages: Hibiya, Junko
International Workshop @ ICU Nov.2004 SS: Oishi, Nana IS:Tanaka, Kazuko

News from Japan

The Law for People with GID to be Enacted in July s081470: Shimizu, Yudai
Annual Conference of Gender Legal Studies i052005: Kubota, Hiroyuki
Historic Settlement on Women's Labor Lawsuit s051470: Shimizu Yudai i052005: Kubota, Hiroyuki
Column #1: What is weird about Japanese TV? Humaniies: Miyasaka, Natsumi

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