Announcement: 3rd Issue of CGS Journal, "Gender and Sexuality"


"Gender and Sexuality 03"can be downloaded as a PDF file from the link listed below.


We welcoms submission of unpublished rearch papers, field repotrs and book reviews for the forth issue of "Gender and Sexuality".


Research Paper

Combat Skills and Self-Defense:Gender and the Bodies of Pro-Women Wrestlers
Keiko AIBA

A Critical Analysis of the Party-Central Approach in Menʼs Studies

The Emergence of the Gender-Segregated Sex Education Debate in Japan – Based on
the Discourses of Menstruation and Sexual Desire in the 1900s
Kyoko OTA

The Problems of Coming Out
Kazuyoshi KAWASAKA

Deviants of Modern Society: The self-realization of male homosexuals as seen from
magazine postings in Taisho Japan

"The Strategic Demand for Same-Sex Marriage" - Arguments for Legalization

ICU Center for Gender Studies(CGS)Activity Reports
AY 2007 Activity Report
International Workshop 2007:
Gender in Asia: A Roundup: Looking Back/ Looking into Our Future
AY 2008 CGS Activity Schedule

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