Children and Folk Toys of Japan

April 7 (Tue.) -  July 3 (Fri.), 2015

Japanese Lighting Devices

September 8 (Tue.) - November 13 (Fri.), 2015

Japanese Design X — Patterns and Meanings

January 12 (Tue.) - March 11 (Fri.), 2016

Children's kimono, folk toys, as well as ukiyo-e from the Meiji to the early Showa period will be displayed. We hope to show the manners and customs of Japanese children through items selected from the Museum Collection.

Japanese traditional lamps, lanterns and candlestands from the Museum collection will be displayed. These lighting devices were created as a result of small inventions and improvements.

Design motifs and patterns are not merely decorative. This exhibition will show items with designs and patterns that hint stories and meanings.


Open Lecture

 An open lecture related to the exhibition “Seasonal Designs
 and the Merchant Culture of the Edo Period” by Mr. Hiroto
 Kumagai (Book Designer) will be held at the Museum.

Exhibition Catalog “History of ICU through Its Buildings”

 Catalog for “History of ICU through Its Buildings—ICU’s 60th
 Anniversary Exhibition in Cooperation with the ICU Archives and
 Special Collections” held at the Museum (September 10 to
 November 15, 201) was published as part of ICU's 60th
 Anniversary Projects. It is now available for ¥1,000 at the

Our 90th Open Lecture can be viewed
 《ICU's 60th Anniversary Project》
 Open lecture by Mr. Masahisa Takayanagi, "Before ICU —
 The Nakajima Aircraft Mitaka Research Institute" held on
 October 12, 2013 is now available for viewing.
 The lecture is in Japanese. [VIEW]

Dr. J. Edward Kidder's Special Gallery Lecture can be viewed
 《ICU's 60th Anniversary Project》
 "ICU History and Campus Archaeology," a gallery lecture by
 Dr. J. Edward Kidder held on September 14, 2013 can be viewed.
 The lecture is in English. [VIEW]


 We express our deepest sympathy to the victims of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

    Please note that the exhibition period and hours may change due to energy-saving reasons. 
    We appreciate your understanding.