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ICU Rotary Peace Center


The 4rd Rotary Center Annual Seminar of the

ICU Rotary Peace Center



"The Level of Analysis in Peace Studies;

Individuals, States, and the International Community"


Video clips of the panels will be added in June.

Click here for some pictures of the event.


27 May, 2006, 13:30 - 18:30

ICU, Administration Building 206


13:30 – 13:35     Introduction

                         Prof. Kazuo Takahashi

                         Director of Rotary Peace Center, ICU

13:35 – 13:45     Opening Remarks

                         Prof. Akira Tachikawa

                         Dean of the Graduate School, ICU

13:45 –13:55      Greetings

                         Mr. Masateru Kawajiri

                         Rotary Center Host Area Coordinator


13:55 – 14:15     Stories of Inspiration 

                         Class IV Rotary World Peace Fellows

Cherine Badawi, Melanie Bennett, Cathy Brown, Carys Hughes, Ryan Fenwick,

Nai-Hua Wu


14:15 – 14:45     Session I – Individuals and the Quest for Peace

                        Moderator: Prof. Wilhelm Vosse

                        Associate Professor of Political Science, ICU


Wendi Boxx: 

The Demand for Sex: What Drives Human Trafficking Today


William Nealy: 

Being a Refugee in Japan: Three Case Studies

14:45 – 15:15    Discussion (followed by Q&A): All Participants


15:15 – 15:35     Coffee Break


15:35 – 16:05    Session II – States and Statehood in the Rapidly Changing International Society

                        Moderator: Prof. Temario Rivera

                        Professor of International Relations, ICU


William Daniel Sturgeon: 

Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine: Place of Peace or Place of Conflict?  Regional Politics of History and Memory in East Asia


Jeffrey Winter: 

Is Taiwan on the Path to Independence

16:05 – 16:35     Discussion (followed by Q&A): All Participants


16:35 – 17:20     Session III - Education and the International Community

                         Moderator: Prof. Jacqueline Wasilewski,

                         Professor of International Communication, ICU


Carla Fantini: 

Dialoguing with the Enemy–Other


Steven Houghton: 

Structural Barriers to the Participation in Study Abroad Programs in U.S. Higher Education


Carleton Shephard:

PEACEBOAT: A Case Study of International Shipboard Peace Education

17:20 – 17:50     Discussion (followed by Q&A): All Participants


17:50 – 17:55     Closing Words

                         Class IV Rotary World Peace Fellows


17:55 – 18:10     Summing Up & Closing Remarks

                         Prof. Kazuo Takahashi

                         Director of Rotary Peace Center, ICU


Some pictures:

All class III and IV Rotary fellows.


The annual seminar 2006 in session.


The ICU Rotary Annual Seminar will be videotaped. The streaming video will be available from this page shortly shortly after the event.




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