Movie Preview: Once in a Lifetime(2014)

co-hosted by The Peace Research Institute and Institute for Educational Research and Service

Date: June 16th (Thu.)

Doing Liberal Arts and Sciences Education: Promises and Possibilities

Global Research Network for Liberal Arts Education Workshop

Date: June 22nd(Wed.), 23rd(Thu.)


Workshop for ‘Japanese A: Literature’ of International Baccalaureate Education (IB)

Date: 24th July, Sunday


Bilingual/Multilingual Child Network (BMCN) First Annual Meeting, 2016

Date: 10th August, Wednesday


Open Lecture#1 Video Production and Copyright Clearance

Lecturer:Mr. Ryohei Ishii (Music copyright clearance advisor)

Date : 24th October, Monday


Open Lecture#2 Recent Trends in English Linguistics: Methodological and Pedagogical Perspectives

Lecturer:Prof. Yoko Ieiri (Kyoto University)

Date and Time: 28th October, Friday


Open Lecture#3 What is it and how can it be used in English language teaching?

Lecturer:Prof. Anne Burns (School of Education, University of New South Wales, Australia)

Date: 9th November, Wednesday


Open Lecture#4  ESPERANTO: Past, Present and Future

Lecturer:Prof. Goro Christoph Kimura (Sophia University)

Date: 24th January, Tuesday


Open Lecture#5 Tracing the History of the English Language through the Bible

Lecturer: Dr. Jun Terasawa (University of Tokyo)

Date: 22nd February, Wednesday


Open Lecture#6 English Language Education in an Anti-Globalism Era: From Globalized Human Resources to Global Citizens

Lecturer:Dr. Kumiko Torikai (Professor Emeritus Rikkyo University)

Date: 27th February, Monday


Water Literacy Open Forum6

Date: 20th March, Monday