Open Lecture#1  Irish Poetry Month with Dr. Peter McDonald


An Evening of Poetry and Music: The Poetry of W.B.Yeats and Peter McDonald

Dr. Peter McDonald (Christ Church College, University of Oxford)

April 13, 2012

A Visit to ICU by the Irish Ambassador to Japan

H.E. Mr. John Neary (Ambassador of Ireland)

April 26, 2012


Open Lecture#2  An Introduction to American Sign Language

Ms. Peggy Prosser (Chairperson of National Association of the Deaf International Sub Committee, Independent Contractor of International Development for Developing Countries Deaf Communities)

May 10, 2012


Open Lecture#3  Conflict and Education

Dr. Taro Komatsu (Former Associate Professor of Graduate School, Kyushu University, Expert at JICA and UNESCO)

May 16, 2012


Workshop: Hands on Video Workshop

Mr. Katsuyuki Hattori (Video Artist, Lecturer at Nihon Kogakuin Technical College)

Mr. Hiroaki Sato (Video Artist, Lecturer at Nihon University)

June 6, 2012 & more 2days


Open Lecture#4  The Education of Children and Mother Tongue Retention in a Cultural and Linguistic Diverse Environment:Theories and Practice of Ontario Early Years Centre in Toronto, Canada

Ms. Vilma Raymundo (Centre Supervisor of Don Valley East Ontario Early Years Centre)

June 13, 2012


Open Lecture#5  The Freising Manuscripts: Slovene Language and Literacy

Dr. Jelisava Sethna (Lecturer of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, University of Ljubljana, President of Linguapax Asia)

September 27, 2012


Open Lecture#6  Water Education in China

Mr. Junji Hashimoto (Water Journalist, Representative of Aqua-sphere)

October 1, 2012


Open Lecture#7  Sustainability Issues with Water and Literacy in India

Mr. Ratnam Chandra (Managing Director of VOUNY, New Delhi, India)

October 3, 2012


Open Lecture#8  Water Literacy and Sustainability Education: A Perspective from Washington State

Ms. Gilda Wheeler (Program Supervisor, Sustainability and Science, Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, USA)

October 4, 2012


Syposium: International Symposium on Environmental Water Literacy

October 5 & 6, 2012


Workshop: OBC/B-DRA Workshop

Dr. Kazuko Nakajima (Professor Emeritus at University of Toronto), Professor Eriko Ishii (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University), Ms. Chiho Sakurai (Part-time Lecturer at Osaka University)

November 23-25, 2012


Open Lecture#9  The Trend and Challenges of Competencies of Students and Adults in OECD Countries

Mr. Andreas Schleicher (Deputy Director for Education and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the OECD’s Secretary-General)

February 5, 2013


Open Forum: Water Literacy Open Forum

Dr. Keiichi Sato (Associate Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), Dr. Teruo Yoshino (Emeritus Professor at ICU),

Mr. Junji Hashimoto (Representative of Aqua-sphere), Dr. Mark Langager (Senior Associate Professor of ICU)

February 16, 2013


Open Lecture#10  Education in Africa

H.E. Ms. Mohau N. Pheko (Ambassador of Republic of South Africa)

February 18, 2013


Open Lecture#11  Description Research on Disfluent Phenomena in Spontaneous Japanese: A Corpus-Basec Approach

Mr. Takehiko Maruyama (Associate Professor of National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics)

February 25, 2013