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ICU Portal will be launched in April ICU Portal site (http://portal.icu.ac.jp/) will open in April, taking over functions and eventually replacing the "W3" website. We would like you to visit and check this site regularly since news and information from the University will be posted.

Portal features

When you logged in to ICU Portal site, you will see the window as follows:
* Kerberos account is necessary for access to this site, even if you will access from intranet.
  1. My Page
    You will see the latest information, and alert if you have unread message.
  2. Announcements
    News and information from University, Offices, Institutes and Majors.
    It will take over functions of the "W3" top page, also important information will be delivered to your registered e-mail address.
  3. Messages
    You can send a message to individual mailbox, that has the function to notify the receipt of messages by e-mail. It is strongly recommended that you register your e-mail (PC and/or mobile phone address) so that you can receive emergency messages.

  4. Contents
    Various information from offices will be put as contents.

Need help logging in?

Your User ID (username) and Password are as follows:
User ID (username) Password If you don't know...
Students Kerberos Username
Username starting with "c" or "g"
Kerberos Password Please come to ILC Helpdesk (ILC-210)
Faculty and Staff Kerberos Username
Same as Username of E-mail address
(before "@")
Kerberos Password Click
hereto reset your password,
or ask ILC Staff (ILC-213)
Part-time Lecturer
/ TA / LA / RIA
Kerberos Username
Username starting with "p"
Kerberos Password Please ask ILC Staff (ILC-213)

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